Redeeming Love: a series through the book of Ruth. Throughout this series we will see the ultimate display of kindness and faithfulness that would lead to King David to Jesus Christ! 

Week 1: What Do You Cling To?
Lead Pastor Alan Parsons
19 March 2017


We are all faced with choices but what role does faith play in the life of our choices? The choice to go or stay,  to choose self or choose God. This week we will see how God works through the faith of His people as they choose Him above all else!
Scripture: Ruth 1:1-22

Week 2: The Providence of God
Lead Pastor: Alan Parsons
26 March 2017


This week we take a look at God's divine providence, how God works not on our time schedule but on His. We will see what God plants he will harvest!
Scripture: Ruth 2:1-23

Week 3: Great Love Requires Great Risk
Alicia Kennedy
2 April 2017


Scripture: Ruth 3:1-18

Week 4: God Works through the imperfect
Lead Pastor: Alan Parsons
9 April 2017


God uses imperfect people. He has been since the book of Genesis, but this week we will see God at work through the life of Boaz and Ruth and the lineage, not only of King David, but of Jesus Christ!
Scripture: Ruth 4:1-22